Meely was in dire condition, not eating, not eliminating, and listless. The Sergei Foundation does pay for diagnostics (one of the only ones!). We found she was so blocked, but also her kidney values were so out of range – start of kidney failure, that sedation to do the enema could be fatal.

Before the blood work was taken, Xrays also showed a fractured tail (long term injury – the owner knew it was there from adoption), and compressed discs in the spine.

The owner was already beside herself with worry for her pet, but sometimes veterinarians can overwhelm owners will all that could/should be done if money were no issue.

The Sergei Foundation prides itself in getting involved when necessary, acting as a coordinator for care with applicants! We were able to talk to the vet and narrow down the steps for Meely for more immediate life-saving care.  This started with hospitalization and fluids to improve kidney levels, and working to clear the constipated girl, without sedation, as best as they could.

After two days, it was evident the chance had to be taken to sedate to clear out the impacted stool. Otherwise, she would die anyway. Success! The fluids helped and she came through okay.

The fractured tail may or may not have influenced her constipation, but we saw no need to amputate the tail. Time will tell and it can be addressed at a later date if necessary. The compressed discs can be managed at this point with medicine to help. Meely is also on prescription food to help.

Because of the dedicated one-on-one care of The Sergei Foundation, this kitty is home and on a plan for recovery! The owner had already paid $200 and could not have afforded the continued care, surgery, or hospital stay. We also were able to step in and talk to the vet for her as a liason, helping her to feel more hopeful, calm, and supported that we would work out the best solution for Meely.

Email message from Cindy, her “mom”: My Dearest Karen, i could just hug you! I am relieved that Meely will soon be comfortable and “unplugged.” I so appreciate your help and the help of your organization. I was there almost 6 hours… with her; I am thinking she will feel soooo much better!!!! Trust me, she is incredible! Please, let me know how i could help you in the future. Thank you, from our hearts for your gracious, and generous blessing!”

This is why we do what we do 🙂  Happy healing, Meely!