This is Angel-Sky. She is currently on her third day of IV fluids and meds as she developed sepsis…a serious blood/immune disease from fighting bacteria.  It may have been a result of her first parvo/distemper vaccination just a day before, although cause cannot be known for sure as she did test negative for parvo. This lil’ girl was in critical condition and, to be honest, we almost did not continue funding as prognosis of recovery was quite grim. Then Angel-Sky decided to stand up and eat on her own, from her dog bowl at the vet’s office… what progress!  So we funded two more days of treatment.  We hope that she has the boost she needs now to recover on her own at home with meds.  Prayers needed for her continued progress for recovery.  Angels must be with you as your namesake suggests, little one.  Hang in there, sweetie!