Us humans love ice cream and other snacks that may not be all that healthy to us, let alone our pets.

It’s tempting to give your dog some of your own treats when those big eyes beg for some of your goodies! The fact is that human food, even in small quantities, is not healthy for your pet. It can quickly add pounds to their smaller frame and negatively affect their digestion, organs, and eventually their overall healthy.  Even the pre-packaged/branded ice cream for dogs may include ingredients your dog may not be able to tolerate well.  This doesn’t mean you have to deprive your pooch the joy of snacking! There is a healthier alternative by making your own.

I started making homemade “ice cream” for my dog, Sydney, as he is a very allergic, food-sensitive dog. Yes, dogs (like people) can have digestive issues with dairy products including milk and yogurt. Ingestion could cause diarrhea or other intestinal symptoms.

Sydney also cannot have the soy or grain products in the popular ice cream treats on the market, and regular ice cream not only has dairy, but sugar, which should never be a part of your dog’s diet (just ask your veterinarian).

The following recipe is dairy-free, grain free, and it is a definite hit with our furry family!  Feel free to modify to your own pup’s taste.

Sydney’s Sundae (a dairy-free delight!)

Equipment needed:

  • Blender, food processor or mixer/grinder
  • Ramekin or souffle dishes, 8 oz

Ingredients for 4 servings:

  • ½ cup almond milk (unsweetened)
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 Tbsp creamy peanut butter (make sure it does NOT contain sorbitol)
  • 2 bananas


In your blender or mixer, combine equal parts of Almond Milk and Water.  To make approximately 4 small servings, I use ½ cup of each.  Peel and insert 1 bananaand one Tbsp of peanut butter.  Blend well. The consistency should be easy to pour similar to thin pancake batter.

Pour about ¼ cup (about a half inch deep) inch into each Ramekin. Please substitute paper dishes instead of ceramic for safety should you have any concern that your puppy or dog would bite or chew the dish instead of licking out the contents.  (Click here for quick video for consistency.)

Peel the second banana and cut into slices. Put a slice or two in each dish (saving the rest for the top).  Note: You may also use diced apples instead of bananas.

Put in the freezer and cover with either tin foil or the covers that may come with the containers themselves.

Once frozen, uncover and top each with the other banana slices. I also put a couple dollops of dairy-free unsweetened yogurt on the top.

Serve! You can also re-cover and store in the freezer. (click here for a You Tube video of Sydney getting his Sundae!)

I hope you enjoy this recipe. It is such a much-anticipated treat for Sydney.  All I have to say is, “do you want an ice cream?” Then he heads right for our freezer!  Of course, these are not just for those dog-days of summer, they can be a healthy treat alternative anytime of the year.


Karen Fullerton is the founder and CEO of The Sergei Foundation, a nonprofit organization helping to save sick and injured companion pets’ lives for lower-income families who cannot afford veterinary care. She is the author of Sergei’s Eyes: Reflections of Soul Lessons, and proceeds 100% benefit this cause. On a more personal note, Karen has more than 20 years as a Reiki Master Teacher and utilizes these skills for pet healing and communication. She and her husband live in Oak Island, North Carolina with her dog, Sydney, and two cats, Samantha and Jude.