Review eligibility below

What do we fund?

General Veterinary Care

Up to $100 for most sick or injured care, or towards a diagnostic test. We do not fund vaccinations, non-sick veterinary visits, or preventative medicine such as heartworm or flea preventative.

Emergency Veterinary Care 

Awards up to $1,000 for life-threatening accidents or illnesses, or if the pet is inhumanely suffering from pain. Amount depends on our review and call with your veterinarian. Treatment must be able to correct with one vet visit/surgery (We do not fund for cancer or other potentially reoccuring or on-going symptoms).

Preventable illnesses, such as heartworms or parvo, are limited to our general veterinary care only.

Priority is given to type of emergency and response can be in as little as 15  minutes to the full business day. The process is quicker if you upload required documentation with your application.

If you are already at a vet’s office, STILL FILL OUT THE FORM even if you don’t have your income documents handy, we will know what vet you are at and give them a call directly (if before 9pm).


The Sergei Foundation does not fund for outstanding veterinary bills for procedures already performed unless the pet is still recovering at the veterinary hospital. 


Criteria for funding

Every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and it is impossible to disclose all decisions and parameters used for funding.  These guidelines are to help you better understand what we evaluate for financial aid, but The Sergei Foundation has the right to approve or deny funding without further explanation. 

Have previous care for your pet

  • Dog or cat and reside in the state of North Carolina.
  • Owned at least 6 months with previous veterinary care.
  • A forever/family pet (no fosters or strays; check your local humane society for help).

Meet a certain household income range

Agree to spay/neuter

  • If we fund for surgery, we require your pet to be altered during that procedure.
  • We do not fund this procedure at this time, but the cost is generally $50-$100 while done as an add-on with existing surgery. Many injuries and illnesses occur from not altering your pet, which is why we require this as a preventative going forward. It also has been proven to add years of life to your pet!