River Road Animal Hosp.

Dr. Ali Travis, DVM; Dr. Calley Steelman, DVM; Dr. Jennifer Derby, DVM 
8593 River Road SE
Southport, NC 28461

(910) 454-8910 |  Fax (910) 454-8912
Email: info@rrvet.com   


River Road Animal Hospital specializes in traditional veterinary services, boarding, and surgeries for your pet, we also work with companion "exotics" and wildlife.  In addition, our AAHA accredited hospital offers acupuncture.

What are some benefits of acupuncture?

Research is continually building the scientific, evidence-informed basis of medical acupuncture. In addition to its well-known effects on acute and chronic pain, it also addresses other medical issues, including:

  • Digestive ailments
  • Inflammation and motility problems
  • Respiratory issues
  • Nerologic problems 
  • Musculoskeletal: knee pain, osteoarthritis, back and neck pain
  • ... and more. 

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"We're different."


We've looked at all of the models out there for building and running an animal hospital, and frankly - we didn't really like any of them. There's the quick 15-minute appointment where you barely get to say "Hi" to the doctor: we make lots of money, but we don't know you and your pet and you certainly don't know us. There's the big, impersonal referral/specialty hospital: we're nice but we feel kind of sterile. There's the low cost, in-and-out discount hospital:  we treat a lot of animals, you like us for our prices, but we really don't get any satisfaction out of the job.

So we made up our own model. We want to know you and your pet(s). We want to have in- depth discussions about wellness, prevention, and illness without watching a clock.  We want to offer as many services for as many different kinds of pet family members as possible under one roof. We want to squeal with joy when the new puppy or kitten joins your family.  We want to watch them grow up and know both of you when you walk in the door. We want to answer your questions when something comes up in the middle of the night. We want to tell the funny stories that made us laugh, and grieve, cry and be with you at the end.  We want to be a part of your family and you part of ours. 

Is it the most profitable way to run a business? Nope. The most efficient? No. The most satisfying way to spend whole days away from our furry families at home? Absolutely. 

Sound like your kind of place? We hope so!