Abri Veterinary Hospital


Dr. David Harris; Dr. Charles Bocholis; Dr. Sandra McAvoy;
Dr. Carly White; Dr. Chris Hernandez1449 Trademark Blvd.

Winston-Salem, NC 27127
(336) 785-9228 and (336) 785-8770
Fax (336) 785-3154
Email: abrivets@aol.com


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Abri Veterinary Hospital offers a broad range of professional services. We use an in-house lab and radiology equipment for quick and accurate bloodwork and Xrays. Our veterinarians specialize in surgeries that are often not performed by many veterinarians, or which are referred to ER facilities, such as orthopedic surgery for leg breaks and fractures involving bone plating and pinning. From digital dental evaluations to ultrasound and EKG system equipment, Abri Veterinary Hospital is able to take care of your pet from the most basic of services and preventative care, through some of the most common life-threatening situations. We also pay attention to the little things to make you and your pet most comfortable, from our friendly staff to our heated operating table!  

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