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Send/Receive a Heavenly Pet Valentine!


For those whose have had a best friend, canine or feline, who has crossed the rainbow bridge, this is an opportunity to send them a most memorable Valentine... one from their pet in heaven! Although our pets may be absent in one way, they never leave our hearts or the energy they bring to us in memories and love. 


Brighten someone's Valentine's Day and send them this love as a special, personalized valentine from their pet (See left: custom names, salutations, photos, and message).


We take some basic information from our online form to email a wonderfully designed graphic valentine including a personalized note from their beloved pet in heaven - the most memorable Valentine anyone will receive! (Select to deliver via email or text message graphic; all sent on 2/14/2020.)


For a donation of just $5 to The Sergei Foundation, your  Valentine also helps save the lives of dogs or cats in need to critical veterinary care - a double gift of love from one. 


Would you like a Valentine from YOUR pet in Heaven? Treat yourself! We can arrange that, too 🙂


Note: Your name will NOT be listed in the VALENTINE itself, as it will be coming from the pet  🙂  However, we will mention your gift/donation in either the email or text graphic that you select.  You will also get a copy of the actual Valentine sent to follow up with your friend/loved one to ensure they know it is from you 🙂

PLEASE EMAIL SEPARATELY any customized options to: INFO@SERGEIFOUNDATION.ORG (otherwise, it will be generic with a pink heart vs. pet photo, and generalized text). We will reply confirmation of receipt of that information. Or, if you prefer... simply start that way! Send us an email and we'll gladly walk you through the process and options. 

  • Photo of the pet
  • Custom memories (as listed in the text above)
  • Any nick-names (ex: "baby boy" or "Serg" as in the graphic.