PawTrait Raffle

Holiday PawTrait Raffle

(Custom Pet Drawing) 


What a great holiday gift a custom pet drawing could be!  Each raffle ticket is a donation to The Sergei Foundation (so it's a win, no matter what, as you are helping sick and injured pets - and it is tax deductible). 


$10 or 2 tickets for a $15 donation

There is not much time... ONLY 50 TICKETS WILL BE SOLD*. This increases your odds of winning and (hopefully) will allow us to meet that goal by December 18, 2018.  Then the winner will immediately contacted so that we may email the gift certificate/announcement in time for Christmas. You may wrap to give as a gift, or maybe you'll want to keep it for yourself 🙂 

The artist, Joanne Townsend, can begin on the custom PawTrait starting in mid-January 2019, but it may be redeemed within all of 2019. Joanne works from a photo and provides updates during her multi-step drawing process, so you can watch your PawTrait come to life!

To the right is a sample of her work. (This is Sydney, the owner of The Sergei Foundation's dog). 

*Minimum 10 must be sold to do the drawing by 12/18/18 or the date will be extended until that minimum is met. 

Phone number (winner's call!)


No need to wait on chance, purchase directly for a $100 donation!

Only one may be purchased for this discounted price by the artist to help raise funds for The Sergei Foundation. So it's first come, first serve!  (If this post is up, it is still available).  Like the raffle, the PawTrait process would start in the new year, but a gift announcement can be given for a holiday gift if needed.