License Plate

Do you love your pet like family?

Show it on a specialized license plate! 


Initial applications are FREE!   

Upon your next registration renewal, the yearly fee is $15 of which $5 would go to The Sergei Foundation to help sick and injured pets!  Feel comfortable about our charitable status and reputation by visiting to see our Platinum rating, or search using our Federal Tax ID 27-1016100. 

The design is below: It is a paw print with "My Pet is Family" logo on the First in Flight or First in Freedom North Carolina plates. 

Open Application

After opening the application, please print it to fill out. 


Frequently asked questions have answers on the NCDOT website:

  • Yes, you can order this now even if your registration is not up! The state will send the plate with a changed registration card and correct validation tabs in 2019.
  • It will NOT change the date of your current registration. 
  • You can personalize the numbers/letters for the plate, but that is not free. It is $30, which all goes to the state, and is limited to 4 characters for this plate. The free version the state will assign the number. 

Please know that this will take some time, but we need your help now! We need 300 applications this year (2018) for the state to submit the bill through their general assembly session in February 2019. T

Thank you for helping us pioneer this wonderful tribute plate that, once done, will be available directly on the NC DMV website to help our cause!