Be A Part of the Ripple... 

...and create a wave of Happy Tales that keeps pets and their families together in the face of adversity. 

The Ripple Effect is a phenomenon where one single action can create great effect. Many people say they don't give because the consider their gift too small, but every act of kindness, no matter how seemingly insignificant, combines with others' monthly contributions create positive impact far greater than any one individual could accomplish! Just like the smallest rain drop creates a ripple in the sea, your monthly donation creates the momentum to save pets' lives.  All donations are fully tax-deductible through Federal ID# 27-1016100.  

It Has Impact! 

Visit  for full financials and transparency; we are proud to have a Platinum rating! The number of people helped is calculated by adding the number of  pets assisted by the average family size. We go beyond financial assistance and provide pets (and families) with information on free veterinary exams or second opinions, Xray reviews, education on other resource organizations or Care Credit, etc. 

Help Make A Wave:

Sign up for a monthly automatic donation via your credit or debit card.

Just $5 a month creates one ripple. Each month's reoccurring donation merges with others' to create a wave of compassion able to save pets' lives and forever change the people who own them. They then pass it on, creating another ripple effect of gratitude, and the phenomenon continues...  

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Looking for a great way to honor a person or pet? Give a gift that will change a life! Give the name and address details in the "note to seller" section via the PayPal donation of the person/pet you would like to honor or remember and we'll send a card.  Or, email that information to: (If it is in sympathy of a pet that has passed, we also can send our heart-felt "rainbow bridge card" that you can see on our Store page).

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Or, looking to choose your donation amount? 

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Checks may also be mailed to:  P.O. Box 15, Oak Island, NC 28465

A memorial gift to The Sergei Foundation can be a wonderful way to remember or honor the life of a pet, friend or relative.  Be sure to include the recipient's and/or pet's name and address; a personalized sympathy card will be mailed to them acknowledging your thoughtful gift.  As an online donation, this information can be entered on the last page, "note to seller."

Pledge Form/Planned Giving:


In addition to your donation, please help us budget for the upcoming year but letting us know of your intended pledge and your preferred payment schedule.  This form may also be used to include The Sergei Foundation as part of your will or estate planning. Please use our Planned Giving Form.