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<span id="mce_marker" data-mce-type="bookmark">ā€‹</span><span id="__caret">_</span><span style="color: #ff0000;" data-mce-style="color: #ff0000;">Before applying, thoroughly review the following parameters to make sure you are eligible for aid...</span>

Before applying, review the following parameters to make sure you are eligible.  We follow the same income parameters as the federal WIC program:

to see if your HOUSEHOLD INCOME qualifies.

(And look for the red box around the household income limits) 


Emergency-level Vet Care

The following are additional parameters for us to consider ER funding:

  • Your "companion" dog or cat must meet trauma criteria that has a one-time treatment (accident or illness). 
  • You must have a history of veterinary care with a vet that we can call to verify ownership and vaccinations for the pet for whom you are seeking assistance.
  • If your pet is not spayed/neutered and we approve any amount of financial assistance that requires anesthesia, we require your pet be altered at the time of treatment at your expense.


The Sergei Foundation does not fund for: 

  • Existing veterinary bills. We cannot back pay for any procedure already performed or for outstanding vet bills. Our mission is to get the animal out of harm's way. Once treatment has been performed and the animal is back in your care, that is something you need to work out directly with your veterinarian.
  • On-going/chronic issues or medicine that requires continual treatments (ex: medicine/insulin, cancer, diabetes). You may check our resources page for other organizations that fund those types of illnesses.
  • Illnesses that result from lack of preventative care (ex: flea issues, heartworms or parvo virus, dental issues).  An exception would be if there is proof of proper vaccination series from a licensed veterinarian whom we may contact,not self-administered.

General Vet Care

We have added a General Veterinary Medical Care program for assistance up to $100.  Your pet does not have to meet life-threatening criteria, but still must have a medical need (sickness or injury).  We cannot cover vaccinations, preventative care, grooming, boarding, or spay/neuter.

You also still need to fall within our income parameters, have a previous vet visit we can verify to confirm your pet ownership, and a spayed/neutered pet. Please go to the button "Go To Application Page" to complete the on-line form. Funds are typically awarded once per owner (not per pet).

Apply for Aid

Please know every application is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and it is impossible to disclose all decisions and parameters used for funding.  The above are guidelines to help you better understand, but please know The Sergei Foundation has the right to approve or deny funding without further explanation.