VCA Animal Hospital West


 Our Pledge: To Improve Veterinary Medicine for Every Pet

VCA is committed to continuously improving the standard of care for our hospitals and for veterinary medicine as a whole. We do it through our flagship Advanced Veterinary Care Centers, our National Medical Board and Chief Medical Officer, and through the compassionate, high-quality primary care we provide at our nationwide family of over 530 hospitals.

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Caring for pets... and their people, too.

VCA Animal Hospital West has been dedicated to providing the communities of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the Forsyth County area with the best in quality pet care services for more than 50 years. Our top-of-the-line pet care facility is well stocked with some of the finest veterinary medical equipment available and fully staffed with a professional veterinary team with years of experience caring for animals. Our dedication to competitive pricing also means that when you bring your companion to VCA Animal Hospital West, you’ll not only be treating him or her to some of the finest care money can buy, but also you’ll be getting the best value for your dollar available anywhere. Excellent veterinary care at a price you can afford"now that’s something you and your pet can both appreciate!"

Dr. Agigail Watkins; Dr. Charlotte Wilkins
412 Jonestown Road
Winston-Salem, NC
(336) 765-2511   Fax (336) 765-2526